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Seattle, Washington 0 comments
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I purchased a Crovel, waited a month for delivery, was charged, the shipment never arrived after disappearing near Denver (USPS).The "Customer Service" person called the postal service and told me they had no idea what had happened and wished mye good luck in filing a claim with the post office!

I have now exchanged three e-mails with them to no avail. This company might make a good product, but you only have a fair chance of finding out if you buy from them. Expect to lose over $100 on a Crovel and feel lucky if it arrives. I'd like to know what you think of it, because I have never gotten mine.

The WORST customer service. (Hint: the way to fix a lost item is to replace it and express ship it to a customer with an apology.

This will lead to incredible word of mouth endorsements.The way to lose many, many customers is to do what you have been doing, GearUp.))

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Gear Up Center - Crovel Extreme

Culpeper, Virginia 3 comments
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This company has to have to absolutely worst customer service.I ordered the Crovel Extreme and it was a preorder; not a problem...until it was time to ship....

then they come up with "the order was not complete" yet they charged me for it. Now their CS won't reply to emails. I tried calling, but no one picks up the phone, they want you to leave a message... but then they don't call back.

I urge people to avoid this company.I know they are the only one carrying this product, however note that now that it has been out there for a while the reviews are not all that great.

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Cordova, Tennessee, United States #825998

I will never buy from this sight again. I understand your pain!!!!!!!

Magog, Quebec, Canada #585807

Agreed 100%.Worst CS I have had in ages.

Ordered this mid-late Nov. Missed their "preorder" by about 5 hrs. They finally tell me it shipped Dec 13 - but it is still sitting in USPS "sorting" as of Dec 24th. They don't respond to emails, don't answer the phone.

I have had to ask my CC to dispute this as an undelivered item.At this point I don't even want this thing now - it was supposed to be a Christmas gift and these guys have left an empty spot under the tree due to their lack of caring about their customers.

to SPF Cordova, Tennessee, United States #824218

all I have bought from them was a fat lie.

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